Communicating with DEAF and HARD of HEARING People

Are you deaf or hard of hearing and if so, do you at times feel isolated:
unable to enjoy social activities as much as you would like?

Perhaps you feel you have something to share with others who have a similar problem, but you do not know how to contact such people?

Maybe you have a particular interest / hobby,
but you feel restricted because of your hearing loss?

It could be that you do not know how to seek help and advice regarding available support or services that could possibly make your disability more tolerable?

If any of the above queries apply to you then you are invited to contact
Hearing Concern Romsey by sending an email from the email given below.


Hearing Concern Romsey all began in 1993. Romsey Social Services Hearing Impairment Team gathered together a working party. Regular afternoon meetings were started and the newly appointed Committee set the Constitution.

Since that time, much has been achieved. There are set programmes, parties, outings and holidays and speakers with topics of interest at meetings.

The group have given workshops for Deaf Awareness training to local companies and Romsey retailers.

Thanks to a former member, who, very generously bequeathed a goodly sum to Hearing Concern Romsey, the group now has a digital overhead projector and camera. When possible presentations are prepared for each meeting. Speakers are encouraged to provide advance copy of their proposed talks for display on the screen. This equipment is a great improvment for members, particularly those who can no longer benefit fully from the loop system.


The 2000 Millennium Project

This was our greatest effort in saving £2,500 to sponsor the training of a Hearing Dog. Devised and organised by the former secretary, Doris Brinkworth, it was a great effort on the part of such a small group.


N.B. I suggest, that before going to a meeting, you check with the group using the email address below. There will be changes due to Covid Virus.

On the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month (except August)
2 - 4 pm at
The Appletree Centre . Princes Road . Romsey . Hampshire

New members Welcome

Contact: Hearing Concern Romsey