This is an English website based in Romsey, in the County of Hampshire, England.

Due to problems encountered during the time of the author's worsening hearing and now with no hearing at all, she felt it time to set up a website which might be of interest or help to others who find themselves in the same situation.

NOTE: I have now had a Cochlea Implant since October 2015. Its really wonderful so do read up about the service from the links page. My implant is organised by the Audio Implant Service at Southampton University. Regular tests are no longer needed, but repairs/replacements are always available.

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It's all about how best to Communicate with people

who are deaf or hard of hearing...

If your ears let you down

You miss the important points

You miss all the funny bits

You get fed up asking for repeats

You have to READ all about it

Lip reading is hard and sometimes impossible

Sign language is both hard and limited unless others can reciprocate

...........Writing it all down is..........

T . E . D . I . O . U . S

Shouting is DEAFENING!